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The Spirit in the Church Today

Spirit in the Church

spiritualist church

I lately overheard, on a webcast, two leaders in the renewal/revival activity discussing just when it appertains to increase individuals from the dead. I won’t share their verdicts, yet just note exactly how astonishing it is that the discussion is even happening.


Yet then, Jesus did inform one band of adherents to, among other things, “… raise the dead.” So why not review the issue? Could it coincide factor we do not talk much about healing the sick, or casting out demons, when we do speak about it, it is simply chat? Why are many ways as well as methods around for building great churches, yet the one that really operated in Holy bible days -the power of God- is so missing?


What adheres to in the coming collection of posts is by no indicates a protection of everything being done today in the name of Jesus’ Spirit. By the same token, never shall this tongue or pen come against the workings of that Spirit.


I realize that I shall say nothing advanced, in New Testament terms. This is a 100 training course as far as the important things of the Spirit are concerned. If you have long been strolling in the power of God, this treatise could only work as a refresher.

spiritualist church

I have individual factors for doing research study of this nature at this time in my life. Last summer my globe came to a shrilling halt. My spouse and also I were in Seoul, working with North Korean defectors, when unexpectedly the tensions of the previous year caught up with as well as overtook me.